Mold Remediation Services

Water Emergency Restoration, apart from offering emergency services for water and flood damage in the Houston Area, also offers immediate toxic mold removal services. Our experts will make sure to remove the mold from its very source so that it does not grow back again.

What Is Toxic Mold?

Toxic mold or black mold is a micro fungus that is found most often in cellulose-rich or damaged or damp building materials. They mainly occur due to damp buildings and/or water-damaged or water-logged buildings. This could be caused by heavy showers, leaked pipes or bad construction issues.

They are highly toxic. Mold contamination in water-damaged homes can even cause pulmonary diseases.

The black mold plagues your home’s carpet, wallpaper, ceiling tiles and even wet leaves. It produces a mycotoxin that causes mycotoxicosis. It causes “sick-building syndrome.”

Toxic Mold Due To Water Damage

Toxic or Black mold can completely destroy the material, for example; rotting of wood, growth of mold, growth of bacteria, rusting of steel, swelling in woods and delaminating materials.

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The building walls could be infested with mold. This might make the building an ideal place to carry diseases and other toxins.

The damage caused could further lead to flooding and bursting of pipes and cracking of walls. These issues could become life-threatening if not resolved and remedied.

The toxic mold is most likely to emerge from water damage or clogging issues. Water provides a great environment for bacteria to multiply. Damp and water-clogged buildings or walls are vulnerable to toxic mold and its disastrous effects.

We are Houston’s water damage experts with over more than 25 years of experience!

How Do Mold Spores Grow And Affect People?

Mold spores are actually microscopic particles. They are lightweight and are easily detachable. Even the simplest activities like airflow, vacuuming, walking on the carpet, hardwood, or sitting on a couch can detach them.

They produce millions of spores that remain in the air and cause respiratory problems. Coming in contact with large quantities of black mold can cause allergic symptoms.

Detection Of Mold

Mold growth on buildings and damp spaces like attics often appear in the form of discoloration that ranges from white to orange and from green to black or brown.

Toxic Mold In Houston And How We Deal With It

Water Emergency Restoration is your go-to local expert when it comes to dealing with mold, its inspection, remediation or removal. We are trustworthy water damage restoration experts.

Our services are available in Houston, TX. Molds that plague the Houston area are generally microscopic organisms that are really hard to detect. Molds like these are commonly found everywhere, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

You can find them in various areas of your home: attic, bathrooms, basement, kitchen, bedroom, living room, garage, even on carpets and furniture and hardware.

We, at Water Emergency Restoration, will immediately remove the mold and offer permanent remediation so that it never occurs again. Our professional, well-equipped and trained experts will remove the mold from your home or office safely and cost-effectively.

With our effective thermal imaging home inspection tool, we assess the damage done by the toxic mold and offer quality services accordingly. We use an infrared thermal camera to assess property damage and its subsequent loss control.

If you find any mold infested areas in your home, we will treat the space for you. We will sanitize it, remove the mold and assure you that the mold will not grow back. We will take precautions and remedial measures to ensure so.

Our State-of-the-art Drying Equipment

deodorizes, cleans, and disinfects the affected areas. Our fully equipped emergency response vehicles with dehumidifiers, fans, extractors, and safety equipment will prevent further mold growth. Water Emergency Restoration also offers services of drying hardwood. It is a cheaper alternative to injectidry systems.

Fast and thorough mold removal is essential to prevent the unintentional spreading of spores that could cause severe life-threatening health issues.

Our certified expert technicians will identify the mold at its source and remove it from the surface. They will also clean the air and mold spores to ensure that it does not transfer to another spot in your house. We will also provide you with a professional recommendation to limit future mold growth.

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